Adoption Fundraisers

We recently returned home from adopting our precious daughter, Ellie, from China. The process took over a year of paperwork, saving, and fundraising. There are significant expenses associated with adoption that make it difficult for many families to adopt. We were one of those families!

Thankfully, there were lots of folks who supported our journey through gifts and fundraisers to make Ellie’s adoption possible. Because support through fundraisers and donations was so important to us, I am committed to helping other families who are working, saving, and fundraising to bring their child home. 

When considering fundraising ideas, I really wanted to offer something that was FREE for the fundraising family, something that would interest folks who weren't already in the adoption community, and something that would give those who wanted to support a fundraising family an avenue to do just that.

One of our most successful fundraisers for Ellie was a Thirty-One Gifts party hosted by a sweet friend. Before the fundraiser, I had never heard of Thirty-One!! I was excited about how well our fundraiser had gone and how wildly popular Thirty-One products were! So when I started looking for ideas on how to help other families fundraise, Thirty-One was at the top of my list. After finding out Thirty-One was a faith based company experiencing tremendous growth, I decided to join so I could offer families a Thirty-One fundraising option.

Since starting my fundraisers in late 2010, I have been blessed to work with dozens of families who are working to bring their children home. I love the opportunity to get to know these amazing families and be a small part of their journey to their child.

All of the commission (100%) from each fundraising party goes to the fundraising family. If you aren't in process to adopt, but know someone who is and would like to help them, you can host a Thirty-One fundraiser for them!! The adopting family receives 100% of the commission from the party, and YOU receive the hostess credit and incentives!!

It is my prayer this will encourage folks to step out and help a family who has answered the call to adopt. I know first hand how hard it is to work, save, and fundraise your way through an entire adoption. It can be very discouraging at times, even making you doubt your decision to adopt. A small donation or fundraiser can make all the difference to keep you motivated and your eye on the goal of getting your child home.

I'm thrilled that Thirty-One has made my dream of helping adopting families a reality! If you are in process to adopt and would be interested in a Thirty-One Fundraiser, email me! I would love to help!

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